Social Entrepreneurship

  • Research and Information Management

    Research and Information Management

    To foster and promote high quality research that inform programmes that are responsive to youth needs;

  • To facilitate both national and international affiliations and research linkages in the broad field of youth work;
  • To attract, encourage and involve young people/students in research on youth issues;
  • To facilitate collaboration in joint research projects, especially those that bring together empirical applications and the development in the youth sector;
  • To encourage critical debate about old and new approaches to youth development issues and agendas;
  • To document SAAYC’s work and translate research reports into accessible media such as short video loops.
Monitoring and Evaluation:


  • Establishing context for M & E Activity
  • Developing and Adapting Tools and Methods
  • Record Key Indicators pre-implementation
  • Measurement of outputs and report writing
  • Knowledge transfer and sharing
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