ICTAGE Programme

1. Description

Southern African Association of Youth Clubs (SAAYC) implements a comprehensive Ictage programme aimed at giving young people skills to use computer technology in everyday life to develop new social and economic opportunities for themselves, their families, and their communities.

The SAAYC computer literacy programme comprehensively focuses on introducing youth into the IT industry. The programme implements Intel® Learn Easy Steps, Cisco Networking Academy® IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software; CompTIA IT Fundamentals and HP Life Social Entrepreneurship. These different modules are offered over a period of six months by an accredited instructor for Cisco Networking Academy® IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software and Comptia IT Fundamentals.

The SAAYC Ictage  programme is a tailor made programmed which is Instructor-led which provides a comfortable teaching environment with instructors that are accredited, certified and conversant with the content process of CISCO IT Essentials and Comptia IT Fundamentals which offer accredited certificates upon completion and successful passing of the exams or assessments.

SAAYC as training partner for CISCO IT Essentials and CompTIA follows high standards for IT classes. Specifically, we use approved quality content and teach courses using the most current exam objectives for each certification.

  • Intel® Learn Easy Steps

Over the years SAAYC discovered that it’s difficult to introduce more advanced computer programmes if the learners have not gone through a basic end user programme. The Intel® Learn Easy Steps programme it’s a free online programme which SAAYC uses as a basic introduction to computer skills through an instructor. The programme enables young people to interact easily with Cisco Networking Academy® IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software and CompTIA IT Fundamentals.

The Intel® Learn Easy Steps programme addresses the needs of adults and youth around the world who seek to learn basic digital literacy skills. Its simple instructional approach teaches basic computer literacy, which is a key 21st century skill, enabling enhanced social and economic self-sufficiency. Included are over three dozen Intel Learn Easy Steps Activity Cards in PDF format. Users learn practical technology skills while creating something relevant to their lives. Intel Learn Easy Steps content is simple, practical, and relevant, and is based on adult learning research. It can be delivered in formal or informal education settings. Participants acquire basic computer skills that are locally appropriate, and that support multiple hardware and software solutions. Intel provides the content free of charge to governments and NGOs, who manage local implementation.

  • Cisco Networking Academy® IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software

The Cisco Networking Academy® IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software curriculum provides an introduction to the computer hardware and software skills needed to help meet the growing demand for entry-level ICT professionals. The curriculum covers the fundamentals of PC computer technology, networking, and security, and also provides an introduction to advanced concepts. IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software is a hands-on, career oriented e-learning solution with an emphasis on practical experience to help students develop fundamental computer skills, along with essential career skills. The Cisco® IT Essentials curriculum helps students prepare for entry-level ICT career opportunities and the CompTIA A+ certification, which helps students differentiate themselves in the marketplace to advance their careers. In addition, the course provides a learning pathway to the Cisco CCNA® Discovery and CCNA Exploration curricula.

  • Comptia IT Fundamentals

Comptia IT fundamental modules give depth knowledge on the foundation laid by Cisco Networking Academy® IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software. The CompTIA IT Fundamentals is designed to help youth learn more about the world of information technology (IT). It’s ideal for youth considering a career in IT or if they work in an allied field that requires a broad understanding of IT. CompTIA IT Fundamentals can also be a stepping stone to more advanced certifications such as CompTIA A+, and, with specialized experience, CompTIA Network+ and CompTIA Security+.

2. Smart Objectives for the proposed training

Upon completion of the programme: learners will be able to perform the following tasks:


  • Understand word processing, internet, spreadsheets and operating systems
  • Define information technology (IT) and describe the components of a personal computer
  • Describe how to protect self, equipment, and the environment from accidents, damage, and contamination
  • Perform a step-by-step assembly of a desktop computer and install and navigate an operating system
  • Explain and perform preventive maintenance
  • Explain the steps of the troubleshooting process and perform basic troubleshooting
  • Upgrade or replace components of a laptop, printer, or scanner based on customer needs
  • Configure computers to attach to an existing network
  • Implement basic physical and software security principles
  • Apply good communications skills and professional behaviour while working with customers
  • Assess customer needs, analyze possible configurations, and provide solutions or recommendations for hardware, operating systems, networking, and security
  • Explore how to solve an important problem in her community.
  • Assess a business idea that creates social impact and is financially sound
  • Use software to capture information from researching a social challenge and building a social enterprise idea
3. Selection Criteria


  • Grade 12
  • Must be between the ages 18 to 35